Monday, August 25, 2014

If a Pic is Worth 1000 Words, What Are 3 Videos Worth?

Various Times in 2013

So, I got married, and time kinda got away from me. Anyways, 3 videos from last year (I have not run the machine this year sadly) If anyone is interested.

This was the Willys first run. I'm not sure how long this thing sat in a 'ran when parked' scenario, but after new battery cables, spark plugs, and a lemon juice boiled carb, 2 seconds of cranking was all it took. I did find new oil in the pan, which probably helped. It only ran out what I had pumped into the bowl, but there was a heartbeat. Sounds fairly healthy too.

Bone stock Super Hurricane 6, looks mostly complete (sans oil bath air filter). Sounds like one of the valves is making a bit of a tapping noise, otherwise she sounds healthy for her age. The nice thing about a flathead is, with a brick and some string, you can fix about anything on it.

Using the most state of the art fuel delivery system, I managed to get the Willys drinking on its own (the mech. pump gaskets are shot). It has a nice burble, but given the amount of blackness coming out the tailpipe, it might be running a little rich. Of course, this could also be that the only fuel that fell to hand was mixed fuel, and the truck pre-dates having a cat. Either way, nice to give it a run.