Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Odds and Ends

July 18, 2012

Been away a while on here, namely due to a super busy schedule. Today's post serves more to get myself caught up on what I've done and get it on here before I totally forget.

At some point between then and now, I got around to sliding under the front end of the rig with a socket set and breaking loose the remaining plow harness. This took a considerable amount of weight off the front end and also made the truck look a little more aggressive from the front (more clearance and all). The removal of this piece means the truck is totally free of the old plow, with only a few little holes here and there in the frame as a reminder.

Also, I managed (with the right timing I presume) to nab an old steel toolbox from the dump, and upon inspection i discovered it is a WW2 artifact, made in 1944. It has some cool old stampings in the steel so i think i'll do it up to be a permanent addition to the rig (cleaned, straightened, and fresh paint with logos). Best I can figure online is that it was a tactical box that held radio components for mobile stations; pretty cool old find to say the least, and I can't imagine why someone would throw it out... another man's trash I guess.

As a side note; I have not been sketching very much for this project. Usually I get right into concepts and dreaming, but I think I need to do more of that for this Truck. below is a quick 5 minute thumbnail.
Lastly, I've been working up a replacement pickup bed that can be made in sections by a local fab-shop from 14Ga steel. It's pretty simple construction and I would weld it myself in the garage to save a few coins. Best I figure through previous work, steel prices, and contacts, is that this bed will cost between $350-$450

Note the holes in the bed, which I designed so I could mount Oak/Maple/Cherry strips in the bed like the Willys Wagon. this is namely because making the corrugated bed like the real original is really pricey. Also note the bed is sized to fit a reproduction (or original) tailgate. the angled strips that run along the top can be salvaged from my old bed, so i will (carefully, and professionally) cut them off and (carefully, and professionally) weld them to this bed; along with the tube-rail across the head, and the vertical supports which have survived as well on my bed (mostly).

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